One Team, One Family

We pride ourselves in providing high quality, well trained coaches so our players will develop the skills and fundamentals they need to be successful. Our coaches have full support and training so they are prepared to teach your child and help him or her develop a love for the game of football. We are always looking for good coaches. Please contact us if you are interested in helping.

Trained and certified

A successful football program is built on the backs of well trained, committed coaches. All coaches must go through a background check for security and display their coaching badge to be allowed on the sidelines on game day. Our coaches also must go through the USA Football certification program. We take your child’s safety and experience seriously.

2019 Head Coaches

BANTAMS (13 YEAR OLDS)- Zach Worthen

GRID IRONS (12 YEAR OLDS)- Eric Young & Matt Schauerhammer

MITY MITES (11 YEAR OLDS)- James Conder & Kelly Linde

PEE WEES (10 YEAR OLDS)- Will Howe & Kim Krinke

GREMLINS (9 YEAR OLDS)- Mark Caldwell

SCOUTS (7 AND 8 YEAR OLDS)- Tommy Simper

We are still taking applications for Head Coaching Positions to help fill our additional teams for Gremlins & Scouts. If interested please email us at